Microphone Sponges

The best Microphone Sponge for your Channel with your logo, High-quality products allow us to get more Clients as Top Channels in the world like CNN, FOX and TRT

Samples of Mic Sponges we’ve made

Here are some Microphone Covers with Logo “Mic Sponge” we’ve made

Cylinder Microphone Sponge

Cylinder Model of Microphone Sponge Printing
Mic Cylinder Sponge Cover with logo

Square Microphone Sponge

Square Model of Microphone Sponge Printing
Mic Square Sponge Cover with logo

Triangle Microphone Sponge

Triangle Model of Microphone Sponge Printing
Mic Triangle Sponge Cover with logo

Round Microphone Sponge

Round Model of Microphone Sponge Printing
Mic Round Sponge Cover with logo

CNN Türk Logo on Mic Sponge
FOX Logo on Mic Sponge
ATV Logo on Mic Sponge
Beyaz Logo on Mic Sponge
Anadolu Ajansı Logo on Mic Sponge
Ntv Logo on Mic Sponge

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